How to care for your leather bag

Leather has been used through the ages because of its strength, beauty and durability. With a little love and care, your leather bag will give a lifetime of pleasure

Leather does not like a soaking with water. Wipe it with a damp cloth to remove surface dirt. Excessive sun, heat and/or drying may cause the leather to harden and form small cracks. Keep the leather soft and pliable by regular application of a quality leather cream.  We supply our own Leather Cream for this purpose.

Do not overfill your bag. Leather is a natural product and can stretch. Overfilling will cause it to lose its shape and the stretching of the printed panel may cause the appearance of stretch marks, folding and/or flaking.

Oils, grease and most pen inks are virtually impossible to remove. If you do wish to use a cleaning chemical, test it on a hidden corner before applying it to the entire surface.

Leather will age beautifully, creating its own “patina” and individual appearance.